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Manchester United close the deal Onana 48 hours

Manchester United close the deal Onana 48 hours, Liverpool are the number one favorite to grab Lavia. Gather interesting football news from the top 5 European leagues from various famous media that happened in the past day. English Premier League Brighton officially announce Lewis Dunk.

Liverpool Revealing condition winning Nunes

Liverpool smiles! Revealing the condition of winning Nunes from Wolves with the lowest price. Liverpool club has hopes of strengthening the army in midfield once again as reported by the website. Football Insider says Wolverhampton Wanderers Midfielder Matheus Nunes could price at just £30m if they leave the Premier League at the

Fernandinho raises a merit to join the army Kevin De Bruyne.

Fernandinho a senior Manchester City midfielder is proud to be team-mate with Kevin De Bruyne. A great playmaker because of his pace, professionalism and personality. It was a blessing to come under the roof of the Etihad Stadium together. The 2021-22 football season was another year for the