Barella reveals Dejan is an idol.

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Barella reveals Dejan is an idol. Inter Milan midfielder Nicolo Barella has revealed that former Serbia midfielder Dejan Stankovic is a role model.

The 24-year-old midfielder spoke to the club’s Instagram. Channel in one episode asking about the role model. He sees as a player who wants to follow in his footsteps or get close to his performance.

“One of my role models is Dejan Stankovic, I have always liked him as a footballer. I try to bring out the best from him and try to do as he did for Inter.”

Barella also revealed the reason for choosing the number 23 in the Nerazzurri team. 

“Because when I came to Inter, Number 18, Which was always my number, Belonged to (Kwadwoh) Asamoah.” Barella said.

“I chose number 23 which belongs to my idol LeBron (James).Although he has now changed his number.”