Fernandinho raises a merit to join the army Kevin De Bruyne.

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Fernandinho a senior Manchester City midfielder is proud to be team-mate with Kevin De Bruyne. A great playmaker because of his pace, professionalism and personality. It was a blessing to come under the roof of the Etihad Stadium together.

The 2021-22 football season was another year for the Belgian to stand out with 36 appearances in all competitions, 14 goals and eight assists. Plus standing in various positions number #8, number #10, left wing or number #9 

The quality comes in full, it doesn’t matter much. It’s two things that any team-mate would like to work with – that guy has a special UFABET quality. ” It’s true that we’ve been working together for many years. ” Fernandinho opening the mouth before the Champions League quarter- final match Two visits to Atletico Madrid ( 13 Apr. ) 

“ He’s vision of the game is amazing. And it is difficult to find the same qualities from anyone in the football world. ” 

“ Which is about skill , quality and physical toughness. That guy has evolved a lot as a good player. The result of the match can be determined by the ball off the foot. The assist or the net. ”

“ I’m delighted to have him as a teammate. And I’m very happy with the performance of the person. ” 

‘ KDB ‘ Real hot engine, scoring 5 goals , one assist from the last five games in all competitions.