Football industry is sad! Sophian Lukar died during match.

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Football has lost its fourth player in the week after on Christmas Day (Saturday 25 December 2021)Sophian Lukar died during a match.

Algeria sports world in mourning a family of soccer players recently lost their son. A player who died in dire circumstances. Sophian Lukar. Who played for League Two Algeria ‘s MC Saida in Algeria died on the pitch after his birth. The incident collided with an opponent and lost consciousness, but was unable to revive.

            Lucar, 30, who captained MC Saida team ,  died during the match on Saturday December 25, 2021 in the championship match against ASM Oran (ASMO) at the Habib Bu Stadium. Aguila, the cause of death is unclear. The player died after colliding with the opposing goalkeeper, but cardiac arrest is still a possibility, the ASMO president said. save our goal or from cardiac arrest”

MC Saida’s coach said in a statement to the team to the press. Claiming that his players are not ill in any way. The incident shocked the entire MC Saida team, and Algerian football fans took to social networks to express their condolences.

      Another report.

said the 30-year-old fell to the ground without colliding with another player in the 35th minute. Medical personnel rushed to the scene to rescue him. MC Saida’s team captain reportedly suffered a heart attack during the match and medical personnel were unable to save him. And he was pronounced dead shortly after.

            Lucar’s sudden death marks the fourth footballer this week to die of cardiac arrest. It follows Croatian footballer Marin Zacic , Oman international Mukhalid al-Raqadi and Egyptian goalkeeper Ahmed Amin who have suffered similar fates. From the clip, you can see the moment of life as the medical staff tried to save Lukar’s life. His teammates could not accept the bad news. From the clip to see them crying with pain in the locker room to the field of hard squeeze Abu Aguila’s when I heard the news of Luke’s death.  According to report by ufabet