Inaki Pena joins Galatasaray on loan.

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Barcelona reserve goalkeeper Inaki Pena will join Galatasaray on loan for the remainder of the season. Barcelona reserve goalkeeper Inaki Pena has arrive in Turkey to complete a deal with Galatasaray. Before the winter market is closed on Monday. After move on loan for the remainder of this season. According to a report from Asa on Sunday. 

Pena was the only back-up role for Marc Andreter Stegen. And Norberto Murara Neto. Who was sent to Barcelona ​​playing in nine games UFABET in the competition this season. The Azulgras side will allow the 22-year-old goalkeeper to join. Dominic Torrent’s side on loan for the rest of the season without a permanent signing option. He will take on the role of Galatasaray’s number one goalkeeper in place of Fernando Muslera. Who has rule out for at least three months with a knee injury.

According to reports. Galatasaray will help pay part of Pena’s wages in line. With Barcelona’s desire to reduce the club’s wage burden to pave the way for pre-market signings close.

Since the end of Victor Valdes’ era.

Barcelona have spent money on other goalkeepers. Including Claudio Bravo, Marc-Ander ter Stegen, Ya. Spurs Cillessen and NETO. Without giving any opportunity to the youngsters in the academy. So it will be difficult to see 21-year-old goalkeeper. Inyaki Peña coming up with experience with the first team. 

But it’s understandable because this position can only be played by one person. And Barca are the favorites in all competitions. So it can be difficult to use new players. But if you go into the depths of Peña’s performance with the reserve team in the Segunda B arena. It can be considered OK, with 18 games on the pole this season. Conceding 15 goals and keeping a clean sheet. 8 shots at just 21 years old. Still able to develop a lot. But have to admit that to be in the first team soon. This is really quite difficult because Stegen can still stand a long distance and also has NETO as the second hand.