Luke Shaw admits the ghosts weren’t good enough.

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Luke Shaw left-back for Manchester United, continued his side’s poor performance in the home defeat. Wolverhampton Wanderers 0-1 Premier League last monday night.

The Red Devils lost for the first time in Ralph Rangnick’s era after being beaten by Wolves under Bruno Lach 1-0 in a game. Where the away team played clearly better and took chances score more goals. UFABET

Luke Shaw said: “We’re not doing well enough and we have a real problem. We can’t have possession of the ball and when we don’t have possession. We’re not aggressive enough. We didn’t put any pressure on them.”

“We should put more pressure on them should have serious concentration.And have been here for a long time. Maybe tonight’s troubles don’t make me think we’ve been together.”

“You look at the players we have. We have players of unbelievable quality. But sometimes the quality is not enough.”

Wolverhampton Wanderers beat Manchester United 1-0 in the Premier League on Monday. At Old Trafford, both teams were trying to find opportunities. With Wolves more informed in the 12th minute that. Daniel Podenz threw a counter-attack. Before hitting the first post save David de Gea.

End of the game Wolverhampton Wanderers defeated Manchester United 1-0. Grabbed 3 points successfully. Ready to come up to 8 the red devil is at 7.