Pioli admits Milan really sucks.

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Pioli admits Milan really sucks. Stefano Pioli. Trainer AC Milan admits that the past game the team has performed really badly. And deserve to face defeat.

The Red Devils lost 1-0 to Porto in the Champions League Group B on Tuesday night. Leaving the Rossoneri without a point after three group games. 


“It is clear that many In the event that the results of the competition can be judged. But our performance today is not good at all. Our opponents are better, sharper, more accurate, more serious play.

“We didn’t start well. Not doing good ball possession and not creating enough chances of getting in the team used to be balanced and wanted to win the competition. But the results are not the best and at this level if you are not sharp enough both offensively and defensively. You will get hurt. Porto can do better than we did.

“We have to believe It’s easier to do. But the other two teams have 4 points more than us. Unfortunately. This game shouldn’t be played badly. But we just keep moving forward.”