Spanish media cited Red Devils favorites for Dembele.

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Spanish media cited Red Devils favorites for Dembele. Sport reports that Manchester United are the favorites over other clubs to sign Ousmane Dembele.

Despite recent media reports that Barcelona are ready to extend a new contract with the French forward. Sport reveals that the Catalan giant has no intention of keeping the mosquito bone wing in use. This comes from the case of the players and the financial situation of the club.

Sport revealed on Monday that the Red Devils are now the favorites to get the 24-year-old winger to join the team for free. Because the players are about to expire after this season.

Although Chelsea, Liverpool and Juventus have also been linked with Dembele. Spanish media see it as the Red Devils have a better chance than others. In negotiations to convince players to move to work next season.

As for Dembele. He has good pace and is worth watching. But the injury forced the players to come in and out of the team on a regular basis. Making the record for La Liga games in Azulgrana only 81 games. Despite having been playing at Camp Nou since 2017.