UEFA has banned England fans.

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UEFA has banned England fans from entering the stadium for one match. And faced one more match and fined €100,000 over the disturbances of the Euro 2020 final.

In the decisive match of the European Championship between England and Italy. Chaos arose when many fans without tickets. Try to break through police checkpoints to watch the game at Wembley Stadium. There was also the Italian national anthem before the game. Police have arrested 51 football fans for causing incidents both before and during the game.  


After a three-month trial. The latest on Monday, October 18. The European Football Federation (UEFA) has announced the sanctions for the incident. England fans are banned from attending one match and a penalty is imposed on repeat offenses within two years.

In addition. The money was adjusted The English Football Association (FA) €100,000 for lack of management inside and around the stadium. Let there be an invasion into the field. Throw things and disturbed during the national anthem. 

For a ban forbidding fans from entering the stadium. It will be effective in England’s next home game to compete in the list of UEFA in the UEFA Nations League in June next year. https://telara.net/