Whiskey show great character.

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Whiskey show great character. Andy Robertson, left-back, Captain of the Scotland national team admittedly the team played the first half very badly. But he came back to show great character in the second half until overtaking Israel 3-2.


“It’s hard to draw conclusions right now” Robertson said.

“It’s not something we built under this manager. We knew we could do better at half-time.”

“We should have won two or three zeros and don’t worry about anything. But that’s not Scotland is it? I grew up watching the national team. It’s never easy right?”

“It’s a huge achievement for us. We know how important it is. But we have to use it right now.”

“We lost a stupid foul after scoring a goal It was our bad play. We made ourselves difficult after conceding two goals.”

“Some boys had a problem in the first half. But in the second half they showed great characters.”https://telara.net/