Welcome newcomers, old faces, Burnley back to the Premier League 2023/24

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Welcome newcomers, old faces, Burnley back to the Premier League 2023/24.

If you do not follow in depth It may be lost in the eyes that the lower league has dropped to the EFL Championship 2022/23, one important conclusion has reached: Burnley’s successful promotion back to the Premier League. After winning Middlesbrough 2-1 in Friday’s game. This is only the 39th of a total of 46 games. This time, let’s see why Burnley came back so quickly. After being relegated only one year

From no shape…direct shot to the Premier League

not too long to remember With the failure. That Sean Dyche could not lead Burnley to continue to survive in the Premier League 2021/22

only win Their “one-shot” run throughout the first half of the season resulted in the Clarets sinking into the red zone early on. and unable to bounce back at all Despite the change of coach, Sean Dyche was sacked and “Michael Jackson”, not that Michael Jackson, took charge of the team in the last 2 months.

Burnley came to the fore at the end of April having won three games in a row… but it was too late. In the end, there had to be relegated to 18th place, playing 38 games and winning only 7 games.

With relegation, Burnley were inevitably forced to accept the fate of a ‘broken club’ – like so many – Nick Pope, Phil Bardsley, Aaron Lennon, Ben. Mee, Eric Peters, James Tarkowski, Dwight McNeill, and Wout Wakehorts are scattered in different directions.

and Burnley were placed as The only “horse out of sight” of immediately returning to the Premier League because 1. The team was broken, had to build a new squad of players and 2. The manager had changed. Go to use a new coach. Who has never had experience working with any leading team before.

No one expected not even a Burnley fan. That Vincent Kompany would do it in a year!

It’s not anyone… “Pep’s disciple”.

After closing the legend 2008-2019 with Manchester City (360 matches, 12 trophies), Vincent Kompani moved back to play with the old breadbasket. The first team to raise him like Anderlecht under the contract Player/Manager

But the return was not so smooth with chronic injury problems that caused Kompany (who at first failed the team’s plans Only playing football left) Only played a handful of matches for over ten matches, finally having to decide to hang up his boots. and sit in the chair of the full team

and in fact Performance as a rookie coach for the famous former centre-back did not come out well. Didn’t explode, Teng had a championship in his hand year after year. When either league or cup Anderlecht All did not reach the championship during Kompany’s time.

Until it is considered a huge surprise in the industry that Burnley suddenly went and grabbed Kompany to make the team. Before the new season 2022/23 begins about a month.

But under the supervision of a highly inexperienced rookie coach–only having absorbed the coaching skills of Pep Guardiola like him–Burnley…

– Lose only one game out of the first 19 games of the season

– Lost only 2 games until here (counting only for the NACC)

– Having a winning break of 10 games in a row during the goodbye to the old year and the new year

– Unbeaten Throughout the second half of the season

all equal to guaranteeing promotion (Champion still not guaranteed) returned to the Premier League at the beginning of April, with 7 more matches left in the queue!

Burnley is here, who’s next?

The NACC still has a game left to play for a while, as already mentioned, and the 40/41 game (40 of some teams, 41 of most) will continue on Monday night. After only taking a break on Saturdays and Sundays From just kicking the 39/40 game on Friday night, 12 pairs at once

At this moment, the most dazzling aura is Sheffield United.

Paul Heckingbottom’s “double blades” side in the making of Paul Heckingbottom’s side are closer than anyone else to Burnley and are just enough points above third-place Luton Town at eight points–plus a match. less than 1 shot

  • 2) Sheffield United 39 76
    3) Luton Town 40 68
    4) Middlesbrough 40 67
    5) Millwall 40 62
    6) Blackburn 39 61
    7) Norwich City 40 60
    8) Preston 40 59
    9) Coventry City 40 58

As you can see, Chef United has the best tax to hold the second place.

But for the “playoff zone” number 3-6, which will go a little further to determine the destiny Still able to win all of them from 3rd place down to 9th place

Maybe it’s at Luton Town (68) or The Boro (67), leaving a considerable distance above the other two lower teams. But the gap between sixth-placed Blackburn Rovers and ninth- placed Coventry City narrows by just three points.

That means a change in position in this group (ranked 6-7-8-9) can happen in just two games. And there was plenty of time to turn things around. than the normal season will end on May 8